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Achieving an English breakthrough

How can you achieve a breakthrough in English?

There are two things that come to mind immediately, and The Linguist can help you with both of them.

First, decide to make a daily effort
Decide that you will spend a certain amount of time studying or listening to English every day. The Linguist makes this easy, because you can set goals, download audio content that is interesting to you, and listen to it whenever you want.

But the effort is critical, and making some time each day for English is important.

Get an English buddy
Find someone, somewhere, who you can speak English to on a regular basis. This is so important that at The Linguist, we bring together our learners in regular Skype chats. And our tutors are available for conversations as well.

You need to use what you’re learning, and you need to feel some progress as you learn more. Speaking to one or more people on a regular (at least weekly) basis can really give you a good boost towards improving your English.

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