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User Hints、Additional Dictionaries、およびフォントのサイズ変更

Because I got a lot of pointing out that my previous font is small and difficult to read, I increased the font size inside the site slightly to read an unfamiliar language.
In addition, a new button “User Hints” has been added in the LingQ widget. By clicking on this button, you can display the hint created by other members for the phrase you selected. Because this is specialized in your mother tongue setting, there are phrases which hints are not displayed in particular. This indicates that there are no members who have created hints for that phrase so far. You can become your first hint creator! By using the system you will accumulate hints in all languages in the system for more words and phrases.
A further interesting feature of “User Hints” is that the system automatically adds particularly popular hints in user hints whenever a new LingQ is created. If a hint for the same phrase is shared by more than one member, the system automatically adds a hint when other members LingQ that word.
In addition, at the bottom of the dictionary box, links to other dictionaries and translation resources on the Web were set up. These links are under translations by Babylon. Clicking the link will display information on each site for that word. The linked sites will change depending on the language you are learning and the native language setting.
I think there are many other useful resource sites, so please let us know if there are your favorite sites.

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