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From the stone ages to LingQ blogging

At school in Germany we still used slate pencils to write on actual slates when I first started to learn my ABC and now here I am typing in all sorts of languages!  You may have gathered that I’m no spring chicken and I certainly didn’t think I would ever want to learn another language at my age. Huh, how wrong can one be? What can you do when you come across a website that offers genuinely free access to the most interesting content in 10 languages? Well, you have to take up that amazing offer!  Which is what I did.  I took up Swedish from scratch and have continued to polish up my somewhat very rusty Russian and made inroads into French and Spanish. I must admit that I keep dropping Italian – it makes such a nice sound… I have also upgraded to paying member status. It is worth every single penny of my small widow’s pension (the pension is small, I’m medium height). Thanks to LingQ’s natural learning approach and nifty highlighting system of unknown words I’m actually enjoying learning new vocab, don’t mind forgetting half of it again and re-discovering a lot of the lost lot soon afterwards (I have stopped being a perfectionist). And don’t get me started on the lovely community: there are some very interesting members contributing to the forum!


  • Jessica Thomson
    December 17, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Wow, from writing on slates to blogging? Technology moves pretty quickly doesn’t it? :)How did you make out learning Swedish on LingQ. I’m also beginning to learn Swedish with LingQ and I would like to know how others have made out with it.

  • SanneT
    December 17, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Learning Swedish the LingQ way was so different from my usual attempts at learning a language. I had to give up being a perfectionist, I had to learn to trust a natural process of getting used to the sounds of the language before attempting to speak it and I managed to overcome my doubts about my general ability to learn anything. By now I’m beginning to get the hang of Swedish, I feel: I begin to hear (and see) patterns of grammar and pronunciation. I am working with two different tutors on LingQ and the support I get is just what I need. I wish you lots of success. Ha kul!

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