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I’m so happy to be here in Sweden. I’m having a fantastic time. Klaudija, Gabija, GintarÄ—, and I are staying in a cabin. Our cruise ship was called “Romantic.”
The weather is cold, but sunny. We were in the “Vaza” museum, walked around the Old Town, and looked over Stocholm Royal Palace.
Swedish people really love the outdoors. They are friendly and kind. Many people ride bikes! The Swedes have a fair complexion. They are good looking, tall, and have fair hair.
The Swedish food culture is somewhat similar to ours. They eat a nourishing and oily diet. Sweden’s national food is traditional pancakes with lingoberries on top. Swedes still loves meatballs, mashed potatoes, and home baked cakes and cookies. The next day we’re sailing in Latvija. I can’t wait to visit the Rundale Palace. I’ve heard that there is very nice. We will return on Wedneday to TauragÄ—.
I think you should come here next year.

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