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As for the upgrade for the belt feeder, we suggest to speed up the feeder.
Based on the calculation, to deliver an additional 375 tonnes/hr to the crusher, we need to raise the belt speed from 0.39 m/s to 0.60 m/s and increase the power of the drive to 110 kW. This would require a modification and upgrade to the hydraulic power units but there will be no change for the others.
Also, Hagglunds has confirmed it is possible to do it. As for the cost, I can send you the info when I have it next week.
If you don’t want to increase the power, there is another option you can go with, which is to replace the 20 degree trough idlers to 20 degree picking idlers and replace the skirt boards with full length skirts but the speed and power of drive will stay the same. We may need to raise the shear gate and metal detector as well for this option, wich will be confirmed later on if you want to go with it.

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