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How many words do I learn every day?


How many words do I learn every day?
I don’t know exactly because the depth of knowledge of each word varies. Actually, I have some difficulty with remembering people’s names or place names, etc.
It takes time to learn new active words. Generally speaking, the more special terms we learn, the less we have the opportunity to say them in a daily life.
Plus it is very difficult for me to work out how many words I remember every day although I realize that “I got it” with Flash Card because each word has various meanings in different contexts.
When I find different usages of known words, I always realize that my previous decision might be only provisional.
In my experience, it is better to learn new phrases including unknown words than to learn each word separately, especially when we learn how to use basic words. Because native speakers say these phrases very fast without consider separating words too much.

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