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"Living in the moment"


“Living in the moment”
In my opinion the expression “Living in the moment” may be a very ambiguous one. It can take on different meanings depending on the context.
“Living in the moment” doesn’t mean much to a powerful businessman because he’s constantly scanning the horizon looking for new good deals. On the other hand “Living in the moment” might be a way of life for a high school student, particularly if he spends all his time partying with friends.
These are precious moments when humans can experience the real flavour of life. It’s a priceless time indeed!
For this reason we cannot compare these meanings with what was meant by H.D. Thoreau.
He was highlighting the difference between urban life in modern society and life in the wilderness.
In our modern world the vast majority of people have to run an everlasting race to survive whereas a select few are free to enjoy their lives and their absolute power.
That’s the reason why the expression “Living in the moment” could be quite offensive and experienced as a provocation by the working class.
In the end I think that this expression is absolutely meaningless.

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