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living in the moment (part 3)


living in the moment(part 3)
After listening to the last section of the “Living in the moment” conversation, I need to express my thoughts and feelings better than in my last writing.
This is a topic I’ve thought about for so long during my life that I can’t help clarifying what, in my opinion, is hidden beyond it.
The “Living in the moment” conversation began with H.D.Thoreau and ended with Buddhism.
In fact “Living in the moment” is not so much a value rooted in the Western way of life as the utmost achievement of Buddhist practice.
When a man follows the path of enlightenment according to the Buddhist tradition he has a goal. The goal is the perfect understanding that, in this life, there is no goal.
No distinction has to be made between the path and the destination.
It’s the perfect example of “Living in the moment”. According to this way of thinking, only when a man understands that in life there is no gain, can he limit (and, in the end, see fading away) all his pains and suffering.
In Zen practice we have Zen meditation and Zen walking. It’s interesting because you can see that even during the movement of your body, your mind may stand absolutely still.
During meditation you should empty your mind of thoughts. You should be just a bystander of your mind activity. You will understand, little by little, that during this practice too there is no gain.
You will achieve a kind of detachment from life and its values and goals. This is the way to reach Nirvana, the final stage of Buddhist practice.
I do like to think that, in the end, the spiritual path is the only way allowing us to achieve peace.

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