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My son


My son
Kohdai turned five years old last summer. He enjoys the time at daycare very much. At the beginning of last year the nursery staff at his daycare told me that he seemed to have some problems. Each child is different, of course; however, they thought Kohdai’s uniqueness was something that requires special attention. At first I didn’t take it seriously because Kohdai seemed to me just like any other boy at his age. The staff explained that it was not obvious when they were with him alone, but when he was with other kids they noticed something was wrong. He was frightened to be touched by others when playing tag, or he could not adjust himself well when his teacher altered a daily routine a bit (such as preparation for lunch). They insisted that he should take a kind of developmental test. It turned out that Kohdai’s abilities are very unbalanced. In some areas he is well developed and appropriate for his age, while in other areas he behaves like a two or three-year old. I have heard in some cases that kids with this kind of unbalanceness can read very well but have difficulty in writing, or vice versa. Since they can read well teachers expect them to write well, and when this expectation is not met teachers tend to think these kids are being lazy. In Kohdai’s case he is still five years old, and we are not sure in which specific areas he will have difficulties, but we have to keep h
is unbal
anceness in mind. Having said that, it is not that he needs medical care or anything, and I’m really grateful for that.

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  • synthpaintann
    January 2, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    This has made for an interesting read, and so very clearly expressed. It was very welcome, after what has been for me rather frustrating afternoon.

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