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Announcing iLingQ 2.3.12

Head to the iTunes App Store to download the newest version of iLingQ. This update includes several new features that are sure to make it even easier to review your LingQs while on the go.
The yellow popup has been redesigned to give you greater control over your LingQs. Now you can adjust the status directly from the yellow popup, and even ignore LingQs by tapping on the red “X”.
In addition, the text-to-speech feature has been added to flashcards as well, so you will now be able to listen to your LingQs as you review them in the app.

new version iLingQ 2.3.12Photo_2

If you enjoy iLingQ for iOS, be sure to rate it by tapping on “Info” and selecting “Rate iLingQ”. We hope you like this newest version!

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