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LingQ Reviews #6

This week we have some great testimonials to share from Kenny and Humberto. Take a look at what they have to say!
I just wanted to say I love this program. I think that if you found a way to develope it in the way that Rosetta Stone is commercially sold, you would really have something amazing. I’m also learning Russian, and I wanted to tell you that I would really love to see you “explain your website” in Russian. Спасибо. Пока!

– Kenny Hensley

What a wonderful job all you have done regarding the LingQ design. Today, I spent more than 3 hours on LingQ updating my flashcards (hint/phrases) and it was great! The time just went by so fast. It was easy, fast, and enjoyable. Everything was at the reach of my hand.
No question, “The best language learning system ever”. And I can tell you that I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the Internet, trying to get a look at what is going on regarding to on-line language learning systems.

– Humberto

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