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LingQ Reviews #7

Members often tell us how much LingQ is helping them learn a language and achieve their goals. As we continue developing and improving LingQ, it is these positive LingQ reviews that inspire us to make LingQ the best place on the internet to learn languages!
Here are a few recent testimonials we thought we would share:
I noticed since using the Lingq system while i’m currently learning spanish my listening comprehension skills have drastically improved. In the past I could rarely understand what native speakers said to me and that bothered me the most. I like the idea of listening and reading because I feel that many languages courses neglect this. Also
I use other methods for listening as i’m sure most others do such as television, music, and of course podcasts, but Lingq has been my favorite thus far. I’m fairly new with the Lingq system ,but the other day I had a conversation with a native spanish speaker who did not speak any english, and it felt great to make that achievement!

– RomelleA

I’m just writing to say – I find your website amazing! I just discovered today and it’s just what I’m looking for – interesting, authentic texts voiced by native speakers. I speak German fluently (lived in Germany for a year) and thus have experience learning foreign languages. I started learning French recently and having audio is so important for French in the beginning stages! It’s amazing how much audio is available at your website for free – I thought I would have to resort to ordering audiobooks online, which mostly only helps for novels anyway, and not short articles like on your website. Anyway, thanks again for creating the website – wish you much success in the future and for your website (so it keeps growing)!

– Sarah Nguyen

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