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Week 3: Let's continue the efforts to study our languages!

90-day challenge efforts to study
Can you believe the second week has already come to an end? As we move into the third week, let’s continue our efforts to study daily and achieve those weekly targets!
Curious as to where you stand? Take a look at the 90-Day Challenge Rankings and compare yourself to the top LingQers for your language!
Steve’s Tip of the Week
Don’t expect to master anything, nor remember anything. Expect to forget everything.
When you least expect it, you will find yourself at a new level of understanding of the language, and a new level of ability to use the language. These moments of success are infrequent, and sneak up on you, but they make it all worthwhile.
Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube
Challenge Statistics

Number of Challenge Participants: 1,713

Number of LingQs Created: 186,757

Number of Words Learned: 614,469

Most Popular Challenge Languages:

English – 484 participants

 Spanish – 245 participants

French – 240 participants

German – 218 participants

Russian – 127 participants

Challenge Spotlight

Each week we will be highlighting some Challenge participants by sharing their stories. Share your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

glbaldock member

glbaldock already has a basic proficiency in French, but she wants to progress in the language as she prepares for an upcoming French exam. During the 90-Day Challenge she is planning on doing a lot of listening and reading and hopes to significantly increase her active vocabulary. Good luck with your French Challenge and with your upcoming exam – you’ll do great! Bonne chance!

proexpert member

Anton, aka ProExcept, started actively learning English just one month ago. He never imagined that he would enjoy learning a language. Now he says, “LingQ has become a habit, a very good habit.” Anton’s 90-Day Challenge goal is to achieve an advanced level in English as well as to try himself out as a Russian tutor (Russian learners, join Anton for a conversation sometime!). Good luck, Anton!

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