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Week 7: You Will be Rewarded with Major Progress in your Language

It seems like we just started but we are in week 7 already! A big piece of Challenge cake has already been eaten, but even more is waiting for us!
Congratulations to the top LingQers in all languages, and to all of you who continue to forge ahead! Know that you will be rewarded with major progress in your language (and, if that isn’t enough, that you will earn something nice for your Avatar!).
If you have fallen behind a bit, don’t worry! You’ve still got half of the Challenge ahead of you to make up for any lost time!


Vary the big picture learning and the nuts and bolts learning. I try for 80% listening and reading, and 20% reviewing words or grammar points.
Vary the difficulty level of your lessons. Challenge yourself with difficult texts and every so often review some easy material that you did before.
Don’t underestimate the cumulative long term effect of your learning efforts. Don’t look for short term gain, but just soldier on in the confidence that the long term results will meet your expectations.
Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube.


Top LingQers by Activity Score

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It is so great to hear from our participants about their Challenge experiences and impressions. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Huggie_spice: “Before the challenge I would gorge myself on a language for weeks then take huge breaks for weeks or even months. I progressed, however, very slowly. I could read very simple passages understanding maybe half of what I read. When someone spoke to me in Italian I could barely understand them even when it was something as simple as ‘Where do you live?’
“Returning to LingQ is one of the most pleasurable decisions I’ve made this year. Since the start of the 90-Day Challenge my Italian has improved by leaps and bounds. I have thus far managed to meet my daily goals, not an easy task but I’ve met them. I read, write and listen every day now. Plus I’ve started 1 on 1 tutor sessions so that I can get my speaking in.
“My vocabulary has improved so much that I am now also able to read short stories on all sorts of topics and am writing and speaking with more confidence. I’ve also discovered some really great Italian music which makes the whole process more fun when one tires of flashcards, reading and dictation. Overall, this challenge has thus far been fantastic!”


ColinJohnstone: “I have been trying to use the challenge as a way to get started with Russian. I did some Russian last year, but could never keep the motivation up for long periods of time. Since the beginning of the challenge, around 5 weeks ago, I have averaged over an hour a day of listening, and read over 22,000 words in Russian, according to my LingQ statistics. I have also been going through Assimil and doing around 10 minutes a day memorising vocabulary with Anki. This is not even close to what I was doing when I started German 18 months ago, but is still an effective work rate. I notice big improvements in my Russian comprehension”.

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